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February 27, 2007

Continuing in the House: Iraq

Democrats Divided on Iraq Strategy
House Democrats will gather behind closed doors Tuesday evening as leaders try to unite a caucus deeply divided over using a war spending bill to limit deployments to Iraq.

Murtha's anti-surge plan
The provisions he proposes include:
  • prohibiting the Pentagon from sending people back into battle until they have had a year at home after being deployed. He says he has figured out that in order to fulfill the surge requirements, the Defense Department would have to send people back after seven months at home;
  • prohibiting the Pentagon from extending tours;
  • ending the Pentagon's "stop loss" policy;
  • and prohibiting the establishment of permanent U.S. military bases in Iraq.
Murtha Restrictions to Spark Supplemental Face-Off
Democrats and President Bush are headed for a face-off over the Iraq war as House Defense Appropriations Chairman Murtha prepares funding restrictions for the next war supplemental.

Clashes Loom Over War Spending Bill
Congressional debate over the war in Iraq will soon move from non-binding resolutions to legislation with teeth: a supplemental spending bill for the war that will be considered in March.

Pelosi Backs War Funds Only With Conditions
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) yesterday linked her support for President Bush's war-funding request to strict standards of resting, training and equipping combat forces, a move that could curtail troop deployments and alter the course of U.S. involvement in Iraq.

Bush 'Looking Forward' to Debate on Iraq Funding
President Bush today said he’s “looking forward to a healthy debate” on Iraq funding as Democrats in both houses of Congress prepared measures aimed at restricting his options.

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