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February 26, 2007

House Debate: February 14, 2007

Iraq War Resolution

Rep. Castle: "Mr. Speaker, I thank the distinguished gentleman from North Carolina for yielding to me. Mr. Speaker, since the beginning of the Iraq war, one of my foremost concerns has been the long-term stability of the Middle East, and the potential impact that chaos in this region could have on our security. Our men and women in the United States..."

Rep. Hensarling: "Mr. Speaker, I believe that this is a sad day for our institution, the House of Representatives, and I think it is a sad day because I sense this debate has very little to do with coming together as a Nation to face the greatest threat that we have faced since the Cold War. But instead I sense and I fear it has much to do with politics as usual...."


Rep. Oberstar: "Mr. Speaker, this is the moment that a majority of Americans who voted last November have been waiting for, a time when Congress does something about Iraq. And that something that the people asked of us is to get us out of Iraq. The resolution before us will not of itself get U.S. forces out of Iraq, but to paraphrase Winston Churchill, if..."


Rep. Hoyer: "Reclaiming my time, I am glad that it is good news. I will repeat: No one in this Congress, not Chairman Skelton or Chairman Murtha or any Member on this side, will take any action that will put at risk the men and women whom we have placed at the point of the spear in harm's way. I make that representation to you, that assertion, and I make it ..."

Expressing Sorrow of The House At the Death of The Honorable Charlie Norwood, Member of Congress from The State of Georgia

Rep. Boehner: "Mr. Speaker, I thank my colleague from Georgia for yielding. And I come to remember my good friend and our good friend, CHARLIE NORWOOD. I met CHARLIE in October of 1994 when he was a candidate for Congress for the first time and had dinner with him one night before we went off on a 16-city tour. I didn't think it would ever end. But at ..."

Rep. Barton: "Mr. Speaker, I want to read a part of a letter. It is dated February 8, 2007. It is to myself. It is from Congressman Norwood. It is the last official correspondence that I received from him. It says: 'Dear Joe. 'When you receive this letter, you will know of my return to Georgia after my decision to forego further medical treatment in..."

Rep. Lewis: "Mr. Speaker, CHARLIE NORWOOD, the man from Georgia, not just a citizen of Georgia, not just a citizen of the American South, but a citizen of the world, a man who fought the good fight, who kept the faith. He was a good and decent man, and we will never ever forget his lasting contribution. We pray for his family, for the people of his..."

Iraq War Resolution

Rep. Johnson: "Madam Speaker, the American people want a new direction in Iraq and I expect Congress to act accordingly. They really do think that this is a democracy and that this is representative government. It has been almost 4 years since this administration declared the end of major combat in Iraq. He declared mission accomplished. Since this..."

Rep. LaHood: "Madam Speaker, I rise in opposition to this resolution. More importantly, I rise today to express my support for our Commander in Chief and the men and women serving in the Armed Forces. It is simply not possible to claim that you support the troops while completely disavowing their mission. Our troops in Iraq put their mission first, above ..."

Rep. Pitts: "Mr. Speaker, as a Vietnam veteran who served three tours during Vietnam and flew 116 combat missions over there in B-52s, I rise to oppose this resolution. I am sure I don't speak for every Vietnam veteran, but I am sure I speak for a lot of them when I say that when we served in combat we detested the politicians in Washington who..."

Rep. Shays: "Reclaiming my time, what we do have is a new plan, and it is not the surge, it is cleaning up the neighborhoods and holding them with Iraqi troops embedded with American troops. Mr. Speaker, I yield 5 minutes to the gentleman from Georgia (Mr. Deal)."

Rep. Souder: "Mr. Speaker, I thank our leader from the Homeland Security Committee for yielding. No congressional decision is more difficult than a vote related to war, and this vote is no different. It is especially difficult when you disagree with the President of your own political party. I voted to support this war because I believe Iraq..."

Rep. Wicker: "Madam Speaker, I thank my friend for yielding. Madam Speaker, on December 31, 1776, with the fate of the Revolution in doubt, General George Washington faced a challenge of convincing his soldiers to stay in the fight. With their enlistments over, they wanted to go home. Washington made an impassioned plea and even offered volunteers a..."


Rep. Ros-Lehtinen: "Mr. Speaker, I would like to consume the remaining 2 minutes. And I would like to say to all Members that although the debate tonight may have seemed uncivil at times, this is the wonderful process that we have here in democracy in this wonderful country, my adopted homeland. And my colleague from Massachusetts (Mr. Delahunt) and I disagree on..."


Rep. Shuler: "Mr. Speaker, I thank the gentleman for yielding. Mr. Speaker, I rise tonight in support of this resolution because for 4 years this administration has driven us down the wrong road in Iraq. The administration's newest proposal does nothing more than accelerate our pace further and further away from our obligation of stabilizing Iraq and..."

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