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February 26, 2007

House Debate: February 15, 2007

Iraq War Resolution

Rep. Akin: "Mr. Speaker, we rise today to discuss this resolution that is in two parts before us. The first part says that we support our troops. The second part says that we are not going to send them reinforcements. This seems to be kind of a curious proposition, almost a nonsensical proposition. How do you say you support and then say, but we don't want ..."

Rep. Cole: "I thank the gentleman from Michigan. Mr. Speaker, I have listened to the debate over the last 2 days, really dozens and dozens of speeches, and, frankly, speeches of exceptionally high quality on both sides of the issue. I have listened particularly to the speakers who were here in 2002 when the momentous decision to go to war was actually..."

Rep. Garrett: "Mr. Speaker, the authors of this resolution say that we should provide our troops with all the resources they need, whether it be armor, bullets and Humvees. That is, all the resources they need, except two; and I would argue they are the two most critically important ones: manpower and the support of our national leaders. This Democratic..."

Rep. Goode: "Madam Speaker, it is an honor to receive time from someone who served our Nation in the finest way and who knows firsthand how hurtful a resolution such as this can be to those in theater. We are in the middle of a 4-day marathon here. While I cannot say that I agree with all of the actions of the President in dealing with Iraq, I will not..."

Rep. Goodlatte: "Madam Speaker, I rise in opposition to the nonbinding resolution being offered by the majority which, despite the rhetoric, amounts to nothing more than a vote to maintain the status quo in Iraq. This resolution offers no change from the recent course of events in Iraq. It does not take into consideration the recommendations of the..."

Rep. Harman: "Mr. Speaker, I thank the Speaker and I thank the gentleman for yielding, and commend our leadership for organizing this very thoughtful and sober 3-day debate on a very serious issue. Mr. Speaker, as Co-chair of the Blue Dog National Security Working Group, I rise to oppose the surge and to support tough and smart security strategies..."

Rep. Lowey: "Madam Speaker, a violent civil war is raging in Iraq, with atrocities against innocent civilians mounting every day. Our troops, our brave troops, are caught in the crossfire, dying and being maimed driving on local roads, patrolling neighborhoods and moving about by helicopter. What is their mission today? What is the strategic objective of..."

Rep. Roskam: "I thank the gentleman for yielding. Madam Speaker, we are here to debate a House Concurrent Resolution, and the root verb of 'resolution' is resolute. I just want to challenge the House today to consider the resolution of our enemies. I would like to read three quotes to you. Resolved, by Samba bin Laden. The whole world is watching..."

Rep. Walberg: "Madam Speaker, throughout our Nation's rich history, we have reached moments where we arrive at what President Ronald Reagan described as a time for choosing. Today is such a day. This week, the House is asking ourselves a simple question: Will we choose to go forward with the resolve and determination needed to win the war on terror by..."

Rep. Young: "Mr. Speaker, I have listened to this debate on both sides of the aisle for the last 2 days, the third day in fact, and probably will listen to it tomorrow. I rise in opposition to H. Con. Res. 63, and I would like to make a quote: 'Congressmen who willfully take actions during wartime that damage morale and undermine the military are..."

Legislative Program

Rep. Barton: "Madam Speaker, I attended the Charlie Norwood funeral today in Augusta, Georgia. He was a veteran of Vietnam. I think it is ironic that because he was a veteran, we saw at the beginning of the funeral the honor guard walk in carrying the flag of the United States Army and the flag of the United States and all the battle ribbons on that flag..."

Rep. Jackson-Lee: "Let me thank the distinguished gentleman for yielding. Madam Speaker, I believe that each and every Member that has come to the floor tonight and over the last 2 days would never consider any of their remarks frivolous, nor would we characterize this debate as political. Unfortunately, in 2002, many of those same words were used to..."

Rep. Mica: "Madam Speaker, first let me say to those who question our going into Iraq, I voted to go into Iraq and I would vote the same way again. We have found 300,000 mass graves to date, and standing right at this podium, the Iraqi leader told us that Saddam Hussein slaughtered 1 million of his fellow citizens. The question before us tonight, and..."

Rep. Pickering: "Madam Speaker, I rise in opposition to this resolution. As we look back through our Nation's history, and we look back at all the great chapters, there were moments, decisive, critical moments, where our Nation could have given up, or given in, could have withdrawn, could have surrendered, and those moments that make us most proud are..."

Rep. Shadegg: "Mr. Speaker, I thank the gentleman for yielding. And just to follow up, I was going to actually begin my remarks tonight by noting the tremendous speech I thought that was given by my colleague Mr. McHugh, I believe it was the night before last, in the midst of this important debate. And I think this is an extremely important debate. Indeed,..."

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