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February 27, 2007

House Domestic Agenda

The Democratic Agenda - Domestic Agenda
House Democrats are postponing the rollout of their domestic agenda until after the President's Day recess so as to focus more closely on the debate over the non-binding resolution opposing a troop increase in Iraq.

The Democratic Agenda - Alternative Minimum Tax
In recent days, Bush administration officials have signaled they may not oppose a likely method of covering those costs: raising taxes on the nation's wealthiest citizens

GOP Tax Concerns Could Snag Balanced Budget
Some congressional Republicans are balking at the White House’s apparent willingness to consider tax increases to pay for ending the alternative minimum tax, opening a rift that threatens efforts to reach a balanced-budget deal with Democrats.

Pelosi Falls Short On Election Promises
Nancy Pelosi is discovering that it's much easier to promise change for Congress than to deliver it.

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