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February 7, 2007

House Schedule

This Week

Animal Fighting Bill Approved After Abortion Detour
The House Judiciary Committee today approved legislation to boost federal penalties for transporting animals across state lines for the purpose of engaging in animal fights, after a brief debate on abortion.

House Clears Measure to Extend SBA
The House today cleared by voice vote a measure to extend the authorization of the Small Business Administration through July 31, giving Congress time to consider a longer-term reauthorization.

House Panel Approves Legislation to Outlaw Caller ID Fraud
The House Judiciary Committee today approved legislation to outlaw caller ID “spoofing,” the practice of fraudulently displaying false caller ID information to mask identities on telephone calls.

Imagine Double Votes -- On a Thursday, With Planes to Catch
House Republicans, angered by the Democrats’ decision to restore limited voting privileges to delegates, plan to call for a revote of every amendment adopted by the chamber.

House Next Week

House Democrats Plan to Advance Small-Business Tax Breaks Bill
House Democrats plan to consider a package of small-business tax breaks next week that could clear the way to quick final action on the stalled proposal to raise the minimum wage.

Washington Times
House Democrats are offering hints of their longer-term domestic agenda, which they plan to roll out next week.

House Financial Services to Consider Overhaul of Review Process for Foreign Investments
The House Financial Services Committee will consider legislation next week to revamp the government’s process for reviewing foreign investments in the United States.

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