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February 26, 2007

Reports: Congressional Activity


Campaign Strengthens For a Voting Paper Trail
Efforts are intensifying in Congress to pass legislation that would require electronic touch-screen voting machines used in federal elections to provide paper trails that could be checked in the case of a recount.


Cost of Overhauling Physician Payment System Substantial, Aides Say
Lawmakers ready to overhaul the way Medicare pays physicians are starting to understand exactly how much it will cost to fix the sustainable growth rate, or SGR, a major priority for Congress later this year.

New Push Grows for FDA Regulation of Tobacco
After years of falling short, advocates of requiring the Food and Drug Administration to regulate tobacco are again waging that fight in Congress -- and this time, they say, the odds are in their favor. Really.


Panels Hear Climate Warning, Possible Solution
The United States should take the lead in combatting global warming, even if that means mandating that companies curb their emissions, witnesses told Senate and House lawmakers Tuesday.

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