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February 26, 2007

Reports: House Activity


House Must Watch Its Language on H.R. 493
A bill with serious ramifications for the disabled and others medically at risk is scheduled for mark-up in the House Education and Labor Committee on Wednesday. As I previously mentioned, H.R. 493

Move to Outlaw Gene Patenting
A bi-partisan bill is being introduced in the House of Representatives to outlaw the patenting of human genes. It doesn't have a number yet. Here is what it states: "Notwithstanding any other provision of law, no patent may be obtained for a nucleotide sequence, or its functions or correlations, or the naturally occurring products it specifies."


Bipartisan Children's Health Plan Unveiled
Democratic and Republican House members, backed by the insurance industry, today unveiled a $60 billion plan to provide health insurance to most American children without it.


The Democratic Agenda
House Financial Services chair Barney Frank doesn't have direct oversight over trade, but his comments yesterday that Democratic lawmakers are too concerned about globalization to support major trade legislation "show how difficult it will be to reach a compromise satisfying rank-and-file members while keeping open the possibility of further trade deals," says the Financial Times.

White House, Democrats Struggle to Get on the Same Page on Trade
Democrats on the House Ways and Means Committee reiterated Wednesday their desire to work with the White House on trade but made clear that the administration will have to alter its course to boost support on Capitol Hill.


Oberstar Raises Concerns About Mexican Trucks
House Transportation and Infrastructure Chairman James L. Oberstar has pledged to vigilantly scrutinize the safety implications of a Bush administration plan to allow Mexican trucks greater access to U.S. roadways.


Frank Admits to Acronym-o-Phobia, Warns Committee About Cute Bill Titles
Most lawmakers aren’t bothered by it, but to Rep. Barney Frank, the no-nonsense chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, it’s a serious problem.

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