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March 20, 2007

110th Congress: Human Life

S. 5 - embryonic stem cell research funding - soon after the Easter recess

S. 358, H.R. 493 - Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act

H.R. 977 - the Genomic Research and Accessibility Act - make the patenting of human genes illegal
According to the Center for Genetics and Society, "Analysts estimate that approximately 20% of the human genome is already patented."

"HR 977 would instruct the Patent Office to reject all future patent applications on human genetic material. It does not affect previously issued patents, though they would eventually expire given the limited term of exclusivity applicable to all patents."

S. 356 - Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act

H.R. 1063 - Child Interstate Abortion Act (CIANA)

H.R. 1153 - Parental Right to Decide (on the HPV vaccine) Protection Act

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