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March 18, 2007

House Suspension Votes: Sunshine Week

OpenCongress: Sunshine Week

The motion to suspend the rules is used frequently to pass legislative measures that are perceived to have a broad degree of support and little need for prolonged debate.

H.R. 85: Energy Technology Transfer Act
Passed 395-1, 37 not voting. Bipartisan support.

H.R. 1254: Presidential Library Donation Reform Act of 2007, To amend title 44, United States Code, to require information on contributors to Presidential library fundraising organizations
Passed 390-34, 9 not voting. Bipartisan support.

H.R. 1255: Presidential Records Act Amendments of 2007, To amend chapter 22 of title 44, USC, popularly known as the Presidential Records Act, to establish procedures for the consideration of claims of constitutionally based privilege against disclosure of Presidential records
Passed 333-93, 7 not voting. Bipartisan support.

H.R. 1309: Freedom of Information Act Amendments of 2007
Passed 308-117, 8 not voting. 100% of Democrats supporting, 60% of Republicans opposing.

House Passes Open-Government Bills
In a bipartisan confrontation with the White House over executive branch secrecy, the House ignored a stern veto threat and overwhelmingly passed a package of open-government bills yesterday that would roll back administration efforts to shield its workings from public view.

Open-Government Bills Pass the House; One Faces White House Veto Threat
Former presidents and vice presidents would not be able to unilaterally shield their records from the public, according to legislation the House passed by a veto-proof majority Wednesday.

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