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March 9, 2007

Leadership Profiles

C-SPAN Makes Video More Widely Available
Advancing its longstanding mission of bringing government closer to the people, C-SPAN announced today two major initiatives designed to greatly expand citizen access to its online video of federal government activities, such as congressional hearings, agency briefings, and White House events. These actions are intended to meet the growing demand for video about the federal government and Congress, in an age of explosive growth of video file sharers, bloggers, and online 'citizen journalists.' The policy change is effective immediately.

Brothers Bridge Political Aisle
In a recent display of fraternal unity, the Mica brothers -- Dan, Democratic congressman-turned-lobbyist, and John, Republican congressman from Florida -- talked for two minutes without a partisan jab.


San Francisco Liberal Charts Moderate Course
There was a time when Nancy Pelosi was aligned with anti-war protesters who took to the streets of her San Francisco district.

McConnell Helps Save GOP's Agenda
The inside-the-Beltway reviews are in: Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell knows how to work a chamber.

Foreign Dignitaries

Congressional Agenda Is Usual Debate and Votes, but Also a Visit With Royalty
While the House focuses on water resources bills, the Senate continues grappling with legislation addressing several recommendations from the Sept. 11 commission — and both chambers will greet a king later in the week.

Lawmakers Disappointed by Jordan King's Speech
The chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee denounced a speech today by Jordanian King Abdullah II to a joint meeting of Congress, calling it a disappointing “collection of platitudes” about Middle East peace efforts that underestimated the knowledge of U.S. lawmakers.

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