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March 9, 2007

S. 4: Reports

Collective Bargaining for TSA
The biggest snag to the Homeland Security bill and 9/11 Commission recommendations apparent right now is a party disagreement over collective bargaining for TSA employees.

Beginning the Debate

Senate GOP Leaders Agree to Consider Broader Sept. 11 Package
Senate Republican leaders agreed today to consider a larger homeland security bill as a vehicle to enact several remaining recommendations of the Sept. 11 commission, committee aides said.

Senate Considers Broader Sept. 11 Package
The Senate on Tuesday took up a broad package of homeland security measures, including several remaining recommendations of the Sept. 11 commission, after Republican leaders agreed to its consideration.

Collective Bargaining

Tuesday, March 6, 2007, 9:23 AM PST
WASHINGTON (AP) The Senate votes to extend union rights to federal airport screeners.

Senate Kills Bid to Drop TSA Collective Bargaining From 9/11 Bill
The Senate voted today to kill an amendment to Sept. 11 legislation that would have stripped out a provision giving airport screeners collective bargaining rights, taking another step toward a confrontation with the president on the issue.

Senate Rejects Second Bid to Thwart TSA Collective Bargaining
The Senate rejected a second GOP bid today to remove a provision from homeland security legislation allowing collective bargaining for airport screeners.

9/11 Bill Takes a Leap Towards Oblivion
The Senate just voted to table the amendment by Jim DeMint (R-SC) that would strike the provision giving collective bargaining rights to TSA officers in S.4, a bill to implement the unfinished recommendations of the 9/11 Commission.

Executive Authority

Senate Sets Up Confrontation With House, Bush on Homeland Security Bill
The Senate and House appear headed for a clash over homeland security grants after the upper chamber’s rejection of several amendments on grant funding in an anti-terrorism bill.

Senate 9/11 Bill Snagged Once Again
Yesterday, Senators approved an amendment to make the collective bargaining rights, given to TSA officers in the 9/11 bill, "waiveable" in emergency security situations. The Senators who voted for this amendment did so primarily to make the overall bill, which implements the unfinished recommendations of the 9/11 Commission, more palatable to the President, who is threatening a veto.

Final Consideration

Republicans Deal Another Setback to Final Vote on Sept. 11 Legislation
Senate conservatives are blocking final consideration of a bill that would implement recommendations of the Sept. 11 commission, opposing a Democratic proposal for hurricane recovery aid.

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