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April 9, 2007

Blue Dog Coalition: Budget, Debt, Iraq, China

The Budget, Debt and The Blue Dog's Iraq Accountability Legislation

Rep. Sanchez: "So we find ourselves there longer than we are supposed to be, and we ask ourselves, how much longer, $3 billion a week on the credit card? Wait till America really figures out that they have not paid for this war. I think they are going to be very angry at that point. I see I have taken most of your time."

Rep. Chandler: "I am just going to say one more thing and then allow some of my other fine colleagues to have a word on this subject. When I get ready to tell some of my constituents the nature of this spending problem and particularly the point about this administration borrowing more in 6 years than our country has borrowed in the entirety of its history ..."

Rep. Cooper: "The gentleman is exactly right. I believe the Chinese currently hold almost $1 trillion in U.S. Treasury bonds. They are our fastest growing lender. They have aggressively purchased U.S. Treasury bonds, and that means increasingly we are paying interest to the Chinese. Our economies are interconnected. I worry that it is a national security..."

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