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April 9, 2007

Blue Dog Coalition: Pray for the Troops, the Debt Tax

Blue Dog Coalition
Rep. Berry: "I thank the gentleman from south Arkansas, and I certainly appreciate his leadership in this matter. I would also encourage everyone that can hear my voice to keep in our hearts and minds and certainly in your prayers our men and women in uniform, especially those on the battlefield this evening. Reach out to them and their families and let ..."

Blue Dog Coalition
today the U.S. national debt is $8,811,969,377,773 and some change. For every man, woman and child in America, their share, our share of the national debt is $29,245. It is what those of us in the Blue Dog Coalition have coined as the debt tax, d-e-b-t, and that is one tax that cannot go awayand cannot be cut until our Nation gets its fiscal House in order.

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