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April 9, 2007

Numbering the Days of Low Taxes

The Countdown Crew: Countdown to The Tax Increase by The Democratic Majority
Rep. Davis: "I want to thank everybody for joining us. For those of you who are regulars and are corresponding with us, we appreciate your joining us and contacting us at We believe that the key is not raising taxes; it is creating taxpayers to project economic growth and opportunity for the future. Our backbone is of small ..."

The Economy
Rep. Kaptur: "Mr. Speaker, if the gentleman will yield further on that point, recently, about a week ago, Hershey Chocolate announced it was going to move its operations out of Pennsylvania to Mexico. They have already been testing those Hershey Kisses, those big ones they are making down there now and the taste has changed. I am thinking, where is the old..."

The Economy
Rep. Sutton: "Well, again, this is the way those who like what is going on with our trade deals, and those would be more or less the multinational companies who are very involved in helping to push them, whenever we start talking about this and the real impact and the real effects, they like to call you names like protectionist. That is how they shut the ..."

Solutions to Trade Problems
Rep. King: "In reclaiming my time, I thank the tenacious Texan for coming to the floor. He knows how much I revere Steve Forbes and Steve Forbes' financial acumen, as well as Alan Greenspan's. Perhaps on this subject matter it is one versus the other. I also notice the gentleman from Texas, however compelling the argument, didn't present a list of..."

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