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March 15, 2011

House Votes - H.J.Res. 48: Additional Continuing Appropriations Amendments, 2011

H.Res. 167: Providing for consideration of H.J.Res. 48

On Passage
Passed 241-181, 10 not voting

H.J.Res. 48: Additional Continuing Appropriations Amendments, 2011
Making further continuing appropriations for fiscal year 2011, and for other purposes.
Amends the Continuing Appropriations Act, 2011 (CAA of 2011) (P.L. 111-242) to extend through April 8, 2011, specified continuing appropriations for FY2011.

On Motion to Recommit with Instructions
Failed 190-239, 3 not voting

On Passage
Passed 271-158, 3 not voting

Previous Continuing Resolution Votes

Fiscal Year 2011 Appropriations

Dem centrists not sweating party split on short-term budget bills
Members say their reelection isn't jeopardized by what the leadership does and they are judged on their own actions.

What’s in the CR?
What does the CR actually cut? It saves $2.6 billion simply by eliminating earmarked funding that was automatically renewed in the continuing resolution passed during the lame-duck session in December. The remaining $3.5 billion in saving is achieved by eliminating 25 federal programs.

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