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March 4, 2011

Safety of Traveling Public

   Mr. DeFAZIO. Mr. Speaker, today President Obama and  the Mexican President announced in short order Mexico will begin to  reduce its extortionate tariffs on U.S. goods, many from my district and  my State. That is good news. But we shouldn't accept a bad deal with  Mexico that jeopardizes the safety of the traveling public on our  highways; that further jeopardizes our security on the border of Mexico;  and, finally, that puts at risk hundreds of thousands of American jobs.

Just think about it: What American trucking company is going to send their trucks south of the border into the lawless zones with the extortion and the kidnapping and everything else going on down there? No. If we give Mexico free license to drive north into the upper 48 States of the United States, we will lose hundreds of thousands of jobs.

So it is good news they are addressing the tariffs, but we are going to be scrutinizing the details of any deal that this President reaches with the President of Mexico to protect the safety of our traveling public, the security of our borders, and American jobs.

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(Mr. DeFAZIO asked and was given permission to address the House for 1 minute.)

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