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May 5, 2011

House Votes - H.R. 1214: School-Based Health Centers Repeal

H.Res. 236: Providing for consideration of H.R. 1213 and H.R. 1214

On Ordering the Previous Question
Passed by 49 votes: 234-185, 13 not voting

On Passage
Passed by 52 votes: 237-185, 10 not voting

H.R. 1213 Votes

H.R. 1214: To repeal mandatory funding for school-based health center construction


H.Amdt. 265 by Rep. Jackson-Lee [D-TX18]
An amendment numbered 1 printed in the Congressional Record to insert a new paragraph requiring the Secretary of Health and Human Services to post a notice of recission of unobligated funds made available by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act not later than 10 days after the date of enactment of this Act on the Department's public website.
Failed by 12 votes: 207-218, 7 not voting

H.Amdt. 266 by Rep. Pallone [D-NJ6]
An amendment numbered 2 printed in the Congressional Record to require a GAO study to determine school districts most in need of constructing or renovating school-based health centers.
Failed by 6 votes: 205-210, 17 not voting

On Motion to Recommit with Instructions
Failed by 51 votes: 180-230, 22 not voting

On Passage
Passed by 44 votes: 235-191, 6 not voting

House Votes to Block School Health Spending

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