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May 6, 2011

House Votes - H.R. 1230: Restarting American Offshore Leasing Now Act

H.Res. 245: Providing for consideration of H.R. 1229 and H.R. 1230

On Ordering the Previous Question
Passed by 70 votes: 241-171, 20 not voting

On Passage
Passed by 78 votes: 245-167, 20 not voting

Votes on H.R. 1229

H.R. 1230: Restarting American Offshore Leasing Now Act
To require the Secretary of the Interior to conduct certain offshore oil and gas lease sales, and for other purposes.


H.Amdt. 268 by Rep. Holt [D-NJ12]
An amendment numbered 1 printed in Part B of House Report 112-73 to remove provisions in the bill that would `deem' the safety and environmental review done in 2007, prior to the BP spill, sufficient for new offshore oil and gas leasing. The amendment would allow lease sales to go forward, but require new environmental and safety reviews, following the BP spill.
Failed by 67 votes: 174-240, 18 not voting

H.Amdt. 269 by Rep. Connolly [D-VA11]
An amendment numbered 2 printed in Part B of House Report 112-73 to ensure that Lease Sale 220 does not interfere with Naval or other DOD operations.
Failed by 65 votes: 176-240, 16 not voting

On Motion to Recommit with Instructions
Failed by 68 votes: 171-238, 23 not voting

On Passage
Passed by 117 votes: 266-149, 17 not voting

House Passes Bill Making It Easier to Drill
The Republican-controlled House has passed the first of three bills aimed at making it easier for oil companies to drill offshore.

Congressman Jim Moran: A Vote for Offshore Drilling is a Vote Against SEAL Team Six
There have been a lot of bad and self-serving arguments made against offshore oil drilling, but after the House of Representatives passed a bill permitting offshore drilling in Virginia today, Rep. Jim Moran, D-Va., may have taken craven opportunism to new heights

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