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May 17, 2011

Israel's 63rd Independence Day

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Mr. MORAN. Mr. President, the first months of 2011 have been marked in the Middle East by profound change as citizens have demanded greater representation and increased accountability from their governments. As many of those protesting for change were beaten and killed in the streets, a sense of uncertainty about the future of the region and the commitment of some of our allies to American values was palpable. Yet, during this time of revolution, there has been no doubt about the certainty and strength of our Nation's alliance and friendship with Israel.

Since the United States recognized Israel 11 minutes after its founding on May 14, 1948, the two countries have worked side by side to advance democracy and peace.

In a region where dictators and family rule are the norm, Israel has stood out as a beacon for democracy--a country with an independent judicial system and strong rule of law where citizens are free to worship and speak as they wish.

For those wanting better governance and more rights in the Middle East, they just have to look next door to Israel for an example of how things could be.

In advance of Yom Ha'atzmaut--Israel's Independence Day--I wish to congratulate the citizens of Israel for building a strong and vibrant country despite the myriad challenges, wars and attacks they have faced. I look forward to working in the Senate to strengthen this strategically important relationship.

(Senate - May 12, 2011)

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