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May 15, 2013

Senate Record Digest - Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Routine Proceedings, pages S3391-S3436

Measures Introduced:
Nineteen bills and two resolutions were introduced, as follows: S. 936-954, and S. Res. 140-141.
Pages S3429-30

Measures Reported:

S. 954, to reauthorize agricultural programs through 2018.
Page S3429

Measures Passed:
National Travel and Tourism Week: Senate agreed to S. Res. 141, recognizing the goals of National Travel and Tourism Week and honoring the valuable contributions of travel and tourism to the United States.
Page S3436
Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement Officers: Senate agreed to S. Res. 140, commemorating and acknowledging the dedication and sacrifices made by the Federal, State, and local law enforcement officers who have been killed or injured in the line of duty.
Page S3436

Measures Considered:
Water Resources Development Act--Agreement: Senate resumed consideration of S. 601, to provide for the conservation and development of water and related resources, to authorize the Secretary of the Army to construct various projects for improvements to rivers and harbors of the United States, taking action on the following amendments proposed thereto:
Pages S3397-S3400, S3400-21
Adopted: Boxer (for Baucus) Amendment No. 847, to modify a provision relating to Northern Rockies headwaters extreme weather mitigation.
Pages S3401-08
Boxer/Vitter Modified Amendment No. 899, relating to the State of Louisiana's Comprehensive Master Plan for a Sustainable Coast, and to improve a provision relating to dam optimization.
Pages S3401-08
Vitter (for Inhofe) Amendment No. 895, to clarify the role of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma regarding the maintenance of the W.D. Mayo Lock and Dam in the State of Oklahoma.
Pages S3401-08
Vitter (for Wicker) Amendment No. 894, to express the sense of Congress that, in recognition of the contributions of Donald G. Waldon to the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway, a lock and dam on that waterway should be designated as the ``Donald G. Waldon Lock and Dam''.
Pages S3401-08
Vitter (for Inhofe) Amendment No. 867, to allow the Secretary to accept and expend non-Federal amounts for repair, restoration, or replacement of certain water resources projects.
Pages S3401-08
Vitter (for Boozman) Amendment No. 872, to improve planning and administration relating to water supply storage activities.
Pages S3401-08
Vitter (for Thune/Johnson (SD)) Amendment No. 912, to authorize the Secretary to assist Indian tribes in addressing shoreline erosion in the Upper Missouri River Basin.
Pages S3401-08
Vitter (for Cornyn) Amendment No. 880, to deauthorize portions of the project for East Fork of Trinity River, Texas.
Pages S3401-08
Vitter (for Murkowski/Begich) Amendment No. 904, to declare certain areas in Seward, Alaska, as nonnavigable waters of the United States for purposes of navigational servitude.
Pages S3401-08
Upper St. Anthony Falls Lock and Dam if certain conditions are met.
Pages S3401-08
Boxer (for Wyden) Modified Amendment No. 870, to modify a provision relating to Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund prioritization.
Pages S3401-08
Vitter (for Cochran) Modified Amendment No. 911, to provide Crediting Authority for Federally Authorized Navigation Projects.
Pages S3401-08
Boxer (for Carper) Amendment No. 882, to modify the allocation of funds to the Susquehanna River Basin Commission, Delaware River Basin Commission, and the Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin to fulfill equitable funding requirements of the respective interstate compacts of the Commissions.
Pages S3401-08
Vitter (for Murkowski) Modified Amendment No. 903, to authorize the Secretary to enter into deep draft port development partnerships.
Pages S3401-08
Boxer (for Durbin) Modified Amendment No. 906, to provide for a severe flooding and drought management study of the greater Mississippi River Basin.
Pages S3401-08

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Boxer (for Levin/Stabenow) Amendment No. 893, to provide for the policy relating to the Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund prioritization.
Pages S3401-08
Vitter (for Collins) Amendment No. 898, to provide for the reopening of the Cape Arundel Disposal Site as a dredged material disposal site.
Pages S3401-08
Boxer (for Cardin) Modified Amendment No. 861, to improve a provision relating to project acceleration.
Pages S3401-08
Boxer (for Brown/Graham) Amendment No. 907, to provide for further project authorizations.
Pages S3401-08
Boxer (for Wyden) Amendment No. 896, to require the Government Accountability Office to carry out a study evaluating the effectiveness of activities funded by the Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund in maximizing economic growth and job creation in port communities.
Pages S3401-08
Boxer (for Inhofe) Amendment No. 797, to authorize a land exchange.
Page S3417
Rejected: By 52 yeas to 44 nays (Vote No. 119), Barrasso Amendment No. 868, to preserve existing rights and responsibilities with respect to waters of the United States. (A unanimous-consent agreement was reached providing that the amendment, having failed to achieve 60 affirmative votes, the amendment was not agreed to.)
Pages S3404-11, S3412-15, S3416-17, S3417
By 56 yeas to 40 nays (Vote No. 120), Sanders/Leahy Amendment No. 889, to address restoration of certain properties impacted by natural disasters. (A unanimous-consent agreement was reached providing that the amendment, having failed to achieve 60 affirmative votes, the amendment was not agreed to.)
Pages S3411-12, S3418
Pending: Hoeven Amendment No. 909, to restrict charges for certain surplus water.
Pages S3415-16
A unanimous-consent-time agreement was reached providing that the only remaining amendments in order to the bill be the following: Coburn Amendment No. 815; Coburn Amendment No. 816; Boozman Amendment No. 882; Merkley Amendment No. 866; and Udall (NM) Amendment No. 853; that no second-degree amendments be in order to any of the amendments prior to votes on or in relation to the amendments; that there be two minutes equally divided prior to each vote; and that upon disposition of Hoeven Amendment No. 909, the cloture motion on the bill be withdrawn, and Senate vote on passage of the bill, as amended.
Page S3401
A unanimous-consent agreement was reached providing that when the Senate continues consideration of the bill on Wednesday, May 15, 2013, it resume the voting sequence in the previous order with all after the first vote being ten minute votes; and all other provisions of the previous order remain in effect.
Page S3415
A unanimous-consent agreement was reached providing for further consideration of the bill at approximately 10:30 a.m., on Wednesday, May 15, 2013.
Page S3436

Measures Read the First Time:
Page S3428

Executive Communications:
Pages S3428-29

Executive Reports of Committees:
Page S3429

Additional Cosponsors:
Pages S3430-32

Statements on Introduced Bills/Resolutions:
Pages S3432-34

Additional Statements:
Pages S3426-28

Amendments Submitted:
Pages S3434-35

Notices of Hearings/Meetings:
Page S3435

Authorities for Committees to Meet:
Page S3435

Record Votes:
Two record votes were taken today. (Total--120)
Pages S3417, S3418

Senate convened at 10 a.m. and adjourned at 6:39 p.m., until 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday, May 15, 2013. (For Senate's program, see the remarks of the Majority Leader in today's Record on page S3436.)

Next Meeting:
9:30 a.m., Wednesday, May 15

Program for Wednesday:
After the transaction of any morning business (not to extend beyond 10:30 a.m.), Senate will continue consideration of S. 601, Water Resources Development Act, with a series of up to seven roll call votes on or in relation to amendments and passage of the bill.

Source: Daily Digest; Full Senate Record

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