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October 7, 2017

Weekly Digest


October 2, 2017 (Prayer, Digest, Committee [Docs]Extensions)

Suspensions: H.R. 1547, H.R. 965

October 3, 2017 (Prayer, Digest, Committees [Docs]Extensions)

H.Res. 548: Providing for consideration of H.R. 36
H.R. 36: Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act
Suspension: S. 782

October 4, 2017 (Prayer, Digest, Committees [Docs]Extensions)

H.Res. 553: Providing for consideration of H.Con.Res. 71
H.Con.Res. 71: The Budget for Fiscal Year 2018

October 5, 2017 (Prayer, Digest, Committees [Docs]Extensions)

H.Con.Res. 71: The Budget for Fiscal Year 2018
Establishing the congressional budget for the United States Government for fiscal year 2018 and setting forth the appropriate budgetary levels for fiscal years 2019 through 2027

Legislative Program for next week

October 6, 2017 (Prayer, Digest, Extensions)

Next Meeting: 12:00 p.m. on October 10, 2017


October 2, 2017 (Prayer, Digest, Committee)

Senate confirmed the nomination of Ajit Varadaraj Pai, of Kansas, to be a Member of the Federal Communications Commission.

October 3, 2017 (Prayer, Digest, Committees)

October 4, 2017 (Prayer, Digest, Committees)

Senate confirmed the nomination of Eric D. Hargan, of Illinois, to be Deputy Secretary of Health and Human Services.

October 5, 2017 (Prayer, Digest, Committees)

Senate confirmed the nomination of Randal Quarles to be a Member of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.

Senate confirmed the nomination of Lee Francis Cissna, of Maryland, to be Director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, DHS.

Senate agreed to invoke cloture on the nomination of Callista L. Gingrich to be Ambassador of the United States of America to the Holy See.

October 6, 2017 (Digest)

Next Meeting: 9:15 a.m. on October 10, 2017

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