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January 19, 2019

Power User Feature Added

If ever you've not been a fan of how online pages of the Congressional Record can go on and on containing a variety of various speeches on very different topics, and you're willing to a little URL hacking, this feature is for you.

GovTop Network has now implemented a way to isolate parts of a page from the Congressional Record.

Step 1: Find the long page containing the text you want to isolate.

Step 2: Add “-lines” to the end of the page's URL.

This will display the page with line numbers down the left side.

Step 3: Note the range of lines you want to isolate.

Step 4: Replace “lines” in the URL with “open-close” where open is the starting line number, and close is the closing line number.

For example:

Senator Lankford recently gave a speech, but the online page did not contain just his speech.

Here's the full page:

Turn on line numbers by adding “-lines” to the end:

His speech goes from lines 23 to 328

Replace “lines” with “23-328”:

And now we have a link to just his speech in the Congressional Record.

Note, the source link at the bottom on this new link reflects this is an excerpt from the full page.

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