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May 28, 2007

Congress Passes Fiscal Year 2008 Budget

Previous House Votes

S.Con.Res. 21: An original concurrent resolution setting forth the congressional budget for the United States Government for fiscal year 2008 and including the appropriate budgetary levels for fiscal years 2007 and 2009 through 2012.


Amendments (GovTrack, Thomas)

House Votes

H.Res. 370: Providing for consideration of the concurrent resolution S. Con. Res. 21

On Agreeing to H.Res. 370
Passed 221-197

On Agreeing to S.Con.Res. 21
Passed 212-207

H.Res. 409: Providing for consideration of the conference report

On Ordering the Previous Question
Passed 224-193

On Agreeing to H.Res. 409
Passed 225-194

On Agreeing to the Conference Report
Passed 214-209

Senate Vote

On the Conference Report
Agreed to 52-40

Budget Deal Defies Bush on Domestic Spending
The House and Senate announced an agreement today on a $2.9 trillion fiscal 2008 budget plan that sets up a showdown with President Bush over domestic spending in areas such as education, housing and veterans programs.

White House Threatens Veto of Spending Bills Exceeding Bush’s Target
White House Budget Director Rob Portman warned congressional Democrats today that he will recommend that President Bush veto fiscal 2008 spending bills if they exceed the administration’s request.

House GOP Conservatives Seek to Back Up Bush’s Budget Veto Threats
As the House and Senate moved toward adoption of a fiscal 2008 budget resolution that paves the way for $21 billion more in discretionary spending than President Bush has requested, House GOP conservatives were rounding up signatures on a pledge to support vetoes of any spending bill exceeding Bush’s target.

RSC Update on Letter to Sustain Spending Vetoes
We only need 18 more signatures to get to 146, which is enough to sustain any veto if there are 435 Members present and voting.

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