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June 9, 2007

Appropriations Watch - Financial Services, Transportation/HUD

The following are provisions to watch and pray over in either or both the Financial Services and the Transportation/Housing and Urban Development appropriations bills:

Smith of New Jersey Amendment
—protect life by banning funding of abortions through the Federal Employee Health Benefits (FEHB) program, except in the instances of rape, incest or life of the mother (enacted in FYs 1984-1994; 1996-2006)

Conscience Protections for health care personnel and providers that were expanded in FY 2000 and retained since.

DC Approprations
H. Rept. 109-495
  • Marijuanamaintain prohibition on legalization (Section 526)
  • Domestic Partner Benefits or as they are now referred to as permanent partners—Maintains the provision that prohibits federal funds, but NOT District funds from being used to provide employment, health, or governmental benefits to unmarried (whether heterosexual or homosexual) domestic partners. (Section 511)
  • Needle Exchange programsmaintain prohibition—the needles are used for illegal drugs (Section 516)
Abortion Funding Ban—Protect life in DC by banning the use of appropriated funds (Federal or D.C. revenues) for abortion in the District of Columbia. (enacted in FYs 1996-2005)

D.C. school choice—maintain funding.

Earmarks—No Multipurpose Gay & Lesbian facilities

Expected timeline for Financial Services:
Expected timeline for Transportation/HUD:

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