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June 11, 2007

Outlook for July, September

In the House: finishing appropriations, namely the defense appropriations bill. Then it's likely to take up global warming. They've been waiting since the coldest part of the year (February) for the hottest part of the year (July) to talk about the "climate crisis." July 7th is Al Gore's big worldwide, 7-continent event on global warming.

The Senate is going to have a lot on its plate with all the appropriations bills that the House sends its way in June. The target of Congress is to have all the bills signed into law by the new fiscal year: the end of September. With only July and September to get all that done, expect the Senate to have a similar target for July as the House has for June, and then to spend September working final details out in conference.

Also in the appropriations mix is potential vetoes on pro-life or budgetary grounds that could set the schedule back. September is also the agreed upon deadline on all sides for results in Iraq. It's also likely to be another supplemental fight. The last supplemental already pushed the House's schedule on the appropriations bills, and given the next expected fight, it's likely to do so again.

One other big bill that is expected to come up is the farm bill reauthorization. Given that summertime is harvest season, they work on this bill this summer. Or, that may be more of a Labor Day discussion after the August recess.

Of course, all this is subject to change , but that's the expected outlook on the big items right now.

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