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July 2, 2007

House Votes - H.R. 2764: State, Foreign Operations Appropriations

See previous Appropriations Watch Life Status Update for details on key amendments highlighted below.

H.Res. 498: Providing for consideration of H.R. 2764

On agreeing to the resolution
Agreed to by voice vote

H.R. 2764: Department of State, Foreign Operations and Related Programs Appropriations Act, 2008


Amendments (GovTrack, Thomas)

Lincoln Diaz-Balart of Florida Amendment
An amendment to decrease funding for the Department of State, Administration of Foreign Affairs by $36,700,000, and to increase funding for the Economic Support Fund by the same amount in order to address funding for Cuba Democracy assistance programs.
Passed 254-170

Wolf of Virginia Amendment
An amendment to increase funding (by transfer) for assistance programs for Iraq by $158,000,000.
Failed 205-219

Shays of Connecticut Amendment
An amendment to provide additional funding (by transfer) for the Iraq Study Group in the amount of $1 million.
Passed 355-69
House Votes to Revive Iraq Study Group
The Iraq Study Group, the bipartisan panel that mapped out an alternative U.S. strategy for Iraq last December, may be reconstituted for a sequel.

Garrett of New Jersey Amendment
An amendment to increase funding (by transfer) for anti-terrorism programs by $20 million.
Failed 192-232

Foxx of North Carolina Amendment
An amendment to reduce the appropriation for contributions to international organizations by $203,082,000.
Failed 137-287

Pitts of Pennsylvania Amendment
An amendment to restore the President's emergency plan for AIDS relief authorization provision requiring 33% of HIV/AIDS prevention funding to be spent on abstinence and fidelity promotion program.
Failed 200-226
Pitts Amendment in the 108th Congress
Passed 220-197

Lowey of New York Amendment
An amendment to insert provisions to Section 622 to prevent unintended pregnancies, abortions, and the transmission of sexually transmitted infections, including HIV/AIDS; and to provide that no contract or grant for exclusive purpose of providing donated contraceptives in developing countries shall be denied to any nongovernmental organization solely on the basis of the policy contained in the President's March 28, 2001, Memorandum to the Administrator of USAID with respect to providing contraceptives in developing countries, or any comparable administration policy regarding the provision of contraceptives.
Passed 223-201
The end result of this amendment will be that instead of giving cash to pro-abortion organizations, USAID will give items of cash value to pro-abortion organizations. Such a scheme still lends the U.S. stamp of approval to the organizations that promote abortion and freeing up other funds for the promotion or provision of abortion.

Democrats Pass Provision for Contraceptives in House Foreign Aid Bill
Move Is First Challenge To Antiabortion Riders
House Democrats narrowly passed a measure yesterday to provide contraceptives to overseas organizations that had been banned from receiving foreign aid because they provided or promoted abortion.

Smith of New Jersey Amendment
An amendment to strike the last proviso in section 622 of the bill regarding the Mexico City policy on family planning assistance.
Failed 205-218

Boustany of Louisiana Amendment
An amendment to strike section 699 from the bill. Section 699 relates to assistance for Egypt.
Failed 74-343

McGovern of Massachussetts
An amendment to prohibit use of funds for programs at the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation located at Fort Benning, Georgia.
Failed 203-214

Jordan of Ohio Amendment
An amendment numbered 26 printed in the Congressional Record to reduce appropriations in the bill by $2,956,000,000.
Failed 152-268

Price of Georgia Amendment
An amendment to reduce appropriations in the bill by $342,430,000 across-the-board.
Failed 168-252

Musgrave of Colorado Amendment
An amendment to reduce the total appropriation in the bill (other than for assistance for Israel) by 0.5 percent across-the-board.
Failed 179-241

Pence of Indiana Amendment
An amendment to prohibit funds to provide direct aid to the Palestinian Authority, except as otherwise provided by existing law.
Passed 390-30

King of Iowa Amendment
An amendment to prohibit the use of funds for travel by the Speaker of the House of Representatives to countries that are State sponsors of terrorism.
Failed 84-337

On Passage
Passed 241-178

Contraceptive Language in Spending Bill Could Be Flash Point for Veto Threat
A House panel approved a fiscal 2008 State-Foreign Operations spending bill that President Bush might veto because under the bill, contraceptives would be provided to family planning groups that had been denied U.S. funding.

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