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July 28, 2007

Senate Votes - H.R. 2669: College Cost Reduction Act

H.R. 2669: College Cost Reduction Act of 2007

On the Motion to Proceed
Passed 49-48

Murkowski Amdt. No. 2329; To increase the amount appropriated for the college access partnership grant program.
Passed 73-24

Kennedy Amdt. No. 2330; To amend the amounts appropriated for Promise Grants for fiscal years 2014 through 2017.
Passed 52-45

Nelson (NE) Amdt. No. 2337; To amend the special allowance payments.
Failed 36-61

Sessions Amdt. No. 2333; To strike the provisions relating to loan forgiveness for public service employees.
Failed 42-55

Coleman Amdt. No. 2334; To prevent the Federal Communications Commission from repromulgating the fairness doctrine.
Motion to Waive CBA Failed 49-48

McConnell Amdt. No. 2351; To express the sense of the Senate on the detainees of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
Passed 94-3

DeMint Amdt. No. 2352; To amend the National Labor Relations Act to ensure the right of employees to a secret-ballot election conducted by the National Labor Relations Board.
Motion to Waive CBA Failed 42-54

Collins Amdt. No. 2340; To provide limited immunity for reports of suspicious behavior and response.
Motion to Waive CBA Failed 57-39

Stabenow Amdt. No 2358; Relative to illegal aliens qualifying for Social Security benefits.
Motion to Waive CBA Failed 47-49

Ensign Amdt. No. 2355; To reduce document fraud, prevent identity theft, and preserve the integrity of the Social Security system, by ensuring that individuals are not able to receive Social Security benefits as a result of unlawful activity.
Motion to Waive CBA Failed 57-40

Schumer Amdt. No. 2361; A sense of the Senate relative to tax policy.
Motion to Waive CBA Failed 48-48

Sununu Amdt. No. 2341; To permanently extend certain education-related tax incentives.
Motion to Waive CBA Failed 47-48

Cornyn Amdt No. 2339; To provide interim relief for shortages in employment-based visas for aliens with extraordinary ability and advanced degrees and for nurses.
Motion to Waive CBA Failed 55-40

Landrieu Amdt. No. 2363; A sense of the Senate relative to the adoption tax credit
Motion to Waive CBA Failed 48-48

DeMint Amdt. 2362; To repeal the sunset of the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001 with respect to the expansion of the adoption credit and adoption assistance programs.
Motion to Waive CBA Failed 48-48

Dole Amdt. No. 2350; To amend the Help America Vote Act of 2002 to require individuals voting in person to present photo identification.
Motion to Waive CBA Failed 42-54

Kerry Amdt. No. 2364.; A sense of the Senate relative to the Alternative Minimum Tax.
Motion to Waive CBA Failed 48-48

Kyl Amdt. No. 2353; To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to repeal the individual alternative minimum tax.
Motion to Waive C.B.A. Failed 47-49

On Passage of the Bill
Passed 78-18

Senate Approves Overhaul of Student Loan Program
The Senate overwhelmingly approved a wide-ranging overhaul of student loan programs early today that would pay for more than $17 billion in grants and other student aid by slashing subsidies to lending companies.

Senate Cuts Lender Subsidies to Bolster Student Aid
Senators aiming to curtail lender subsidies and use the funds to beef up aid for college students and graduates took a major step Friday toward reversing years of Republican policies.

Partisan Acrimony Reaches Full Boil in Senate
Partisan acrimony has come to a full boil in the Senate, with both parties accusing the other of bad will and abusive parliamentary hijinks.

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