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August 20, 2007

Looking Ahead to September


Gen. Petraeus To Testify Sept. 11-12 on Iraq Status
The White House announced Monday that Gen. David H. Petraeus, top military commander in Iraq, and U.S. Ambassador Ryan Crocker will testify before Congress in open hearings ahead of the formal Sept. 15 deadline for a new progress report on the war.


Appropriations Showdown Looms in September
For the second year in a row, Congress will be facing a full plate of appropriations bills after Labor Day, just as the current fiscal year heads rapidly to its Sept. 30 close.

Bush Renews Veto Threats, Urges Action on Defense Spending
Although Congress has left Washington until Sept. 4, President Bush on Wednesday continued to challenge Democrats over their fiscal 2008 appropriations bills.


Read It and Weep
Why does Congress hate the one part of No Child Left Behind that works?

National Security

Congress to Revisit Chemical Security in the Fall
House Democrats are looking to reopen the chemical security debate this fall, adding facilities that were exempted from regulations that became law last year.

Domestic Needs

Transportation Chairman Unveils National Bridge Funding Proposal
The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee will take up legislation in September to create a dedicated funding source for the repair and replacement of structurally impaired bridges nationwide.

Bridge Collapse Spurs New Focus on Infrastructure Needs
President Bush has signed into law a bill authorizing funding to repair a collapsed bridge in Minneapolis, with Congress poised to consider broader plans to address the nation's transportation infrastructure.

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