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September 8, 2007

110th Congress Progress Report

The new Democratic leaders in both chambers opened the 110th Congress with a detailed list of legislative priorities. Following is a progress report on the top dozen agenda items.

  • Increase the minimum wage (PL 110-28)
  • Implement Sept. 11 commission proposals (PL 110-53)
  • Revive pay-as-you-go budget rules
  • Overhaul lobby and ethics rules (S 1)
  • Promote stem cell research (S 5 vetoed June 20; no attempt to override has occurred)
Likely to be completed this year:
  • Cut student loan interest rates (HR 2669)
  • Reduce dependence on foreign oil, encouraging energy-efficient technologies and ending tax giveaways to “big oil” (HR 6)
  • Give the government authority to negotiate Medicare prescription drug prices (HR 4, S 3)
  • Restructure the alternative minimum tax
Not likely to be completed this year:
Source: CQ Weekly

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