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November 6, 2007

110th Congress - 2007 End Game

Will the House Recess By Thanksgiving? Ho, Ho, Ho, Hoyer Doesn't Think So
House leaders had to dish up some disappointment Tuesday to colleagues who might have been hoping to make plans for long holiday vacations.

The Hill That Stole Christmas
For the first time in two decades, Congress has gone into November without clearing a single regular annual appropriations bill. That’s just another way of noting that things don’t look good at all for lawmakers hoping to leave Washington in plenty of time for celebrating the holidays at home. Indeed, Democratic Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer of Maryland already has alerted the House that there likely will be votes into the week of Dec. 10 — and perhaps beyond. The Senate is destined to do likewise. (At the start of the year, the new Democratic majority set Oct. 26 as the target House adjournment date; the Senate went with Nov. 16.)

Veto Showdown Set on Spending Bill
President Bush and congressional Democrats are headed for a late-year spending showdown centering on a gamble that the other side will be blamed for delaying veterans’ funding.

Status of Appropriations Legislation for Fiscal Year 2008

No Easing of Bush's Stance On Judicial Nominations
The Senate’s recent confirmation of Mississippi judge Leslie Southwick to a seat on the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, over the objections of the Congressional Black Caucus and other liberal activists, seemed to show that for all President Bush’s troubles and low approval ratings, he might still be able to continue putting staunch conservatives on the federal bench.

Medicare Prepped For Surgery
Judging from the Oval Office consultations, the multimillion-dollar ad campaigns, and the impassioned speeches in the House and Senate, the showdown between Congress and President Bush over children's insurance coverage has evolved into the year’s biggest health care debate. But underneath it all, a more complicated, higher-stakes battle is playing out over the way the federal Medicare system pays health care providers.

Climate Bill by Lieberman, Warner Narrowly Approved in Subcommittee
The Senate leadership’s global warming bill overcame its first legislative hurdle Thursday, narrowly winning approval from a subcommittee and stirring grand pronouncements from its supporters.

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