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November 6, 2007

110th Congress - House Motion to Recommit Scorecard

Boehner: If Majority Restricts Motions to Recommit, "Republicans Will Have No Choice but to Shut Down the House"
Responding to a report in this morning's Roll Call that the House Majority has renewed plans to restrict Republicans' ability to substantively amend legislation on the House floor through motions to recommit--rights have not been revised since 1822.

House Republican Leader John Boehner:
Just as I warned the Majority leadership in May when they attempted to attack democracy in the People’s House by restricting our right to these motions, if they follow through with these plans Republicans will have no choice but to shut down the House to protect a rule critical to an open democracy.

The House has adopted 21 of our motions to recommit, with a substantial number of Democrats supporting each and every one, and two of them are the law of the land today.

This demonstrates that Republicans are not just offering proposals to play procedural games. Rather, we are offering substantive proposals to improve the Majority’s legislation on behalf of those we represent in the House.

If the Democratic leadership takes this right away, they can expect the most vigorous fight yet from House Republicans--and plenty of criticism from the American people, who already have deemed this Congress a complete disappointment.

A motion to recommit: the Minority Party’s one, final chance to amend legislation before it is advanced out of the House.

21 Republican motions to recommit were adopted by the House this year:
  1. 3/7/07 – Water Quality Investment Act (Passed 425-0) – Prohibits the use of funds to lobby or retain a lobbyist.
  2. 3/8/07 – To amend the Federal Water Pollution Control Act to extend the pilot program for alternative water source projects (Passed 427-0) – Prohibits the use of funds to lobby or retain a lobbyist.
  3. 3/9/07 – Water Quality Financing Act (Passed 359-56) – Prohibits convicted felons from being issued transportation security card.
  4. 3/14/07 – Whistleblower Protection Act (Passed 426-0) – Protects federal employees from retaliation for the exercise and expression of religion in the workplace.
  5. 3/15/07 – Accountability in Contracting Act (Passed 309-114) – Bars federal agencies from awarding contracts to colleges and universities that prohibit on-campus military recruitment.
  6. 3/21/07 – Gulf Coast Hurricane Housing Recovery Act (Passed 249-176) – Prohibits public housing for individuals convicted of drug dealing, sex, domestic violence, or gang crimes and gives public housing priority to working individuals.
  7. 3/27/07 – Rail and Public Transportation Security Act (Passed 304-121) – Grants immunity from civil liability to persons that report potential threats to transportation security.
  8. 4/24/07 – To authorize science scholarships for educating mathematics and science teachers, and for other purposes (Passed 408-4) – Affirmed the authority of state and local school boards to determine curricula.
  9. 4/24/07 – Sowing the Seeds Through Science and Engineering Research Act (Passed 264-154) – Gives priority to grants to expand domestic energy use and production through coal-to-liquids and advanced nuclear reprocessing.
  10. 5/9/07 – Department of Homeland Security Authorization Act (Passed 264-160) – Establishes an automated system to screen persons entering or departing the U.S.
  11. 5/17/07 – National Defense Authorization Act (Passed 394-30) – Adds $205 million to the missile defense program budget.
  12. 5/24/07 – Lobbying Transparency Act (Passed 228-192) – Added PACs to the list of entities required to disclose their bundling.
  13. 5/24/07 – Honest Leadership and Open Government Act (Passed 346-71) – Bans state and local lobbying gifts, bundling, recusal for reverse revolving door, and disclosure of earmark lobbying.
  14. 6/6/07 – Afghanistan Freedom and Security Support Act (Passed 345-71) – Ensures that nothing in the act may limit U.S. response to an Iranian attack on the U.S. or Afghanistan in Afghanistan.
  15. 7/12/07 – Section 8 Voucher Reform Act (Passed 233-186) – Denied Section 8 voucher assistance to illegal immigrants.
  16. 9/26/07 – Making continuing appropriations for FY08 (Passed 341-79) – Honors General Petraeus and our Armed Forces and condemns’s personal attacks impugning the integrity of General Petraeus.
  17. 10/3/07 – Improving Government Accountability Act (Passed 274-144) – Limits the size of the Federal government by ensuring that taxpayers’ money is not being wasted on unnecessary programs.
  18. 10/4/07 – MEJA Expansion and Enforcement Act (Passed 342-75) – Clarifies that nothing in the bill shall impact any currently permissible intelligence activities.
  19. 10/16/07 – Free Flow of Information Act (Passed 388-33) – Gives clearance to courts to consider potential harm from information disclosure on national security.
  20. 10/23/07 – Virginia Ridge and Valley Act (Passed 236-178) – Permits the use of motorized vehicles in wilderness lands for rescue personnel.
  21. 10/24/07 – Celebrating America’s Heritage Act (Passed 344-71) – Solidifies states’ rights to establish their own regulations on hunting and gun use in national heritage areas.
Three more motions to recommit also were poised to be adopted as well:
  1. An August 2, 2007 motion to bar taxpayer benefits for illegal immigrants under an agricultural funding bill that was successfully adopted and later reversed by the Majority – a matter that is now under investigation by a bipartisan Select Committee;
  2. A March 22, 2007 motion to restore Second Amendment rights to the residents of the District of Columbia, which was offered during consideration of a District of Columbia voting rights bill – a bill that the Majority pulled from the House floor as a result; and
  3. An October 17, 2007 motion to allow the Intelligence Community to conduct surveillance on Osama Bin Laden, al Qaeda, or any other foreign terrorist organization, which was offered during consideration of a bill to amend the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) – a bill that the Majority pulled from the House floor as a result.

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