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December 22, 2007

House Vote - H.R. 2764: Omnibus Appropriations

H.R. 2764: Omnibus Appropriations Act


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Passed 272-142

Budget Season Ends With $555 Billion Omnibus Sent to President's Desk
Congress dropped the curtain Wednesday on the long-running budget season just before lawmakers headed home for the holidays.

House Accepts War Funding, Clears Omnibus for President
The House cleared an omnibus fiscal 2008 spending package for President Bush’s signature Wednesday after a minor technical hiccup.

Typo Nearly Delays Consideration of Omnibus In the House
The House was on track to clear an omnibus spending package for President Bush’s signature Wednesday after a minor technical hiccup.


Chance of Iraq Policy Change Slim for Democrats
After Congress’ vote to provide war funding without conditions, Democrats appear ready to set aside for 2008 their failed legislative effort to change President Bush’s Iraq policy.

Gates Says 'Fits and Starts' War Funding Hurting the Military
Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates warned Friday that the refusal of Congress to provide upfront, consistent funding for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan is hurting Pentagon planning and procurement.

Boehner: Troop Funding Bill Fulfills Our Commitment to Americans Sent Into Harm's Way


Spending Bills Still Stuffed With Earmarks
Twice in the past two years, Alaska lawmakers lost congressional earmarks to build two "bridges to nowhere" costing hundreds of millions of dollars after Congress was embarrassed by public complaints over the pet projects hidden in annual spending bills.

Losing Earmark Battle, Conservatives Regroup
Conservative House Republicans are trying to regroup after seeing this year’s appropriations process end with a catchall measure that contains 8,983 earmarks.

White House Threatens to Cancel Pet Projects in Spending Bill
The White House threatened yesterday to cancel thousands of pet projects that Congress inserted into a massive spending bill before leaving town this week, a move that could provoke a fierce battle with lawmakers in both parties who jealously guard their ability to steer money to favored purposes.


Omnibus Contains Funding for Domestic Airline Passenger Screening Program
A long-sought domestic airline passenger screening program is likely to get off the ground in fiscal 2008, after the House clears a broad spending bill this week.

U.S. House Blocks Gandhi's Pay Raise
Congress has blocked a $92,400 pay raise for D.C. Chief Financial Officer Natwar M. Gandhi, another blow for the embattled leader in the wake of the embezzlement scandal at the city's tax office.

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