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April 29, 2011

House Schedule - Debt Ceiling Considerations

Boehner not promising House vote to raise debt ceiling
House Speaker John Boehner said Monday he's not promising a House vote to raise the debt ceiling. "I believe it's responsible to increase the debt limit," he said. "But... it's time to cut up the credit cards. And that means that we've got to have real cuts in spending. And we're not gonna be talking about billions here. We're gonna be talking about trillions."

House GOP leaders to meet with rank and file Republicans on debt limit vote
With a showdown over raising the debt limit looming, House Republican leaders said Tuesday they will hold a series of "listening sessions" for rank-and-file GOP members when Congress returns from its break next week. The sessions are designed to get feedback on how to frame the controversial upcoming vote to raise the nation's debt limit, according to several GOP sources on a conference call for House Republicans.

House Republicans mull plan to hike debt ceiling every two months
Conservative activist Grover Norquist is pushing the proposal as a way to extract more concessions from Democrats.

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