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April 8, 2011

Stand With Us who are Standing for the American People

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(Mr. TIPTON asked and was given permission to address the House for 1 minute.)

Mr. TIPTON. Mr. Speaker, today this House took the unprecedented step of doing the right thing. We stood up for our men and women in our Armed Forces. However, Senator Reid and the President had already announced before the vote was even taken that it was going to be ``dead on arrival.'' Senator Reid said that it's a fantasy.

Senator Reid, let me give you a reality. The reality is that our men and women in our armed services, who are risking their lives for us, deserve better than the politics of usual.

Senator Reid, we call on you, and we call on the President of the United States to stand with us who are standing for the American people: our men and women in the Armed Forces, our parents, grandparents, and our future generations as well. We have to not only protect our present but build for our future and have actual fiscal responsibility in this country. You can no longer be allowed to be the party of ``no'': no ideas, no solutions, simply saying ``no'' because of your bankruptive ideas.

Now is the time for action. The American people are counting on us.

(House of Representatives - April 7, 2011)

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